MIA 2015

Here comes innovation


MAC Roofing & Contracting Ltd

The MAC App©


The MAC App© - a real-time contract Assembly platform that increases productivity and reduces operational expenditure. A single App to handle the increasing demands of mandatory, statutory, regulatory, consuming form filling processes within our Industry. A solution that needed to be independent or tied to any specific hardware devices and operating systems, thus giving us the freedom to focus on real commercial issues rather than continually chase 'Tech'. What started out as a solution to improve all aspects of our business in accommodating further growth, it has taken less than a year from inception, to build, to implement, to gaining ROI.

What prompted you to develop it?

A key objective set out in 2013 - to develop the MAC App© initially designed to increase our own performance, needed to be mobile with real time interactive functionality for our Project Managers & Clients to agree, take action, sign off whilst on site – speeding up ‘processes’ all round. It needed to be simple with no training needed, contain an interface that anyone could use – as simple as online shopping or booking a holiday.

Is it in production or use?

Yes - We have created an App that currently contains 53 Construction Industry Specific Assessments that MAC uses in improving performance. We have recently released two pilots within the UK – a Merseyside Human Resource and Training Company and an International Risk Assessment Co delivering in Australia.

Who inspires you?

People Culture - "Success can breed complacency- the world is advancing and we must advance with it"

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

The ability to share with others the use of the App under the MAC Digitals Brand or their own White Label identity. We have created Bundle Apps for the smaller 1 – 5 Businesses in encouraging them that being compliant can be made easy. The MACApp© has become a revenue generator outside of our Sector. We have embraced the Digital era, combined with our quality culture, performance management knowledge and produced an innovation that can be shared at every level no matter how big or small the Company or individual. More work won = increased revenue with less Admin delivering it.


Contact Details

Claire Moffatt-Lonsdale
0151 346 2670


Date of Application

January 2015