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ASK Training model


Our master classes “Cross Talk”™ are designed to stimulate topical discussion, create forums of knowledge and develop change. Using our ASK™ Model we coach and mentor organisations how to integrate awareness, skills and knowledge to increase performance. Communication is vital for all organisations. Globalisation has made cross cultural understanding business and the financial return on training is an asset which adds value. Cultural competence helps you to understand how and why people think, act, and do business in the way they do and also what they think of you. Cultural differences can result in a variety of approaches to business, even when English is used as the common language. Cultural competence training can help you succeed, by raising awareness of: How people from other cultures think, behave, and approach business. Othella™ feel that promoting supportive environments is essential for business development. Effective Inter-cultural working is learnt over a period of time through experience and reflection. It develops a greater potential for local business growth and builds a more productive workforce.

What prompted you to develop it?

Businesses need clarity and information they need to know why and how it will improve their markets We developed a use friendly model that no matter what size your business is you are it can be understood Awareness + skills + knowledge = Improved performance which leads to Increased sales The most valubale asset you have is your human capital.

Is it in production or use?

Yes Phase 1 had been launched the "master classes" We hold a licence to use and reference expert’s academic work within our model the UTI also use his work Phase 2 The training is also in the process of acquiring endorsed certificate from Institute of Leadership and Management 4 courses: - Introduction to cross - cultural communication strategies - Developing inter team communication - Managing with Awareness /developing service delivery that promotes equality - Building tools to improve customer service with global markets.

Who inspires you?

My daughter we need to leave a legacy for the next generation We have to nurture and grow our leaders for tomorrow.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

To grow with our clients in developing Merseyside as a global leader in business To assist organisations to understand that culture is dynamic and fluid it changes That creativity and innovation comes from good management of diverse teams.


Contact Details

Karen Bellion
07850 400264



Date of Application

January 2013