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Olsen Actuation UK Ltd

Precision Hexapod & Virtual Reality Simulator

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A precision compact Hexapod rated at 600kg for small flight simulation application with 7th rotary turret axis to better simulate yaw for helicopter sims. The accuracy of movement is 1um and this means we can also bid for 27 systems for ELE telscope project in the coming years. We plan to integrated Virtual reality goggles in the future to synchronise to the flight model.

What prompted you to develop it?

We see that flight simulators are very expensive like £2m just for the motion base with software so we believe our solution will offer better performance, smaller footprint, for less that 2/3 of the capital cost, so we will win market share. There are not so many competitors for flight simulation solutions and the market is growing as more training systems are used to teach pilots and assess their performance. Our software will also be flexible enough to allow for different sizes and speeds of motion base and also the ability to select different applications to be completed, including Marine simulators, Helicopter, Earthquake simulation, Mountain bike, Medical, Testing station for road simulation.

Is it in production or use?

Pre-production we have made a prototype and the core motion algorithm is completes and working from set points and joystick control. More software will be complied to synchronise to the flight model as we have done for other projects so we need to integrate this code to our new product line.

Who inspires you?


What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

Help UK MOD & Police save money and produce world class simulation solutions.


Contact Details

Piers Olsen
01925 202127


Date of Application

January 2014