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Fumecare Limited

Forensic and Fume Cabinet Designs

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Fumecare have designed a number of innovative products for use by Forensic experts in solving crimes. These include Evidence Drying Cabinets which actually tell the user when the evidence is dry and ready to be removed for examination. Fingerprint tables with tilting work surfaces to,prevent back problems associated with continued examination of exhibits. My product is a Superglue fuming chamber used for forensic experts to obtain fingerprints from specific items associated with a crime. The process was established many years ago but has been refined over the years. The process requires the inside of a sealed chamber to run up to 80% humidity and maintain this parameter for the length of the cycle. Once it has reached 80% a hot plate switches on to heat a few drops of special superglue until it evaporates. At this point it adheres to fingerprints deposited on the item being treated. Our system has its own humidifier designed by myself, fully automated system with easy to change parameters.

What prompted you to develop it?

Having discussions with forensic experts I felt there was an opening for a system with more flexibility and features than existing basic models and one that is economically priced.

Is it in production or use?

One version is in production with models in use in Australia, Afghanistan (MoD Forensic Lab used to obtain fingerprints fro IED,s), Canada, France and in the UK. This model has carbon filters to safely remove the vapours created during the process. The second innovative model has been special designed for a very large tender in France which no other company has this type of system available using water for treatment of cyanoacrylate fumes generated during the process. Both models are fully recirculating so no additional ductwork or fans are required as the air is returns safely cleaned in to the laboratory which also is an energy saving solution to air conditioned laboratories.

Who inspires you?

This is a difficult one, lots of people from all walks of life inspire me but if had to choose one I would have to say my customers who continually over the years keep coming back to me to design products to solve different problems.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

We would envisage creating more jobs in our Formby facilities as well as having a product that will save clients money in consumable items making the cabinet easy for the client to maintain as the most user friendly system available.

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February 2015