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Izzy Melody Limited

Design & Development of baby care products

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Our initial launch product, the BabyBangle is a teether, made entirely from a special medical grade silicone and brings the old teething ring back to life in an innovative way, rather then the ‘teething toys’ (as most are more ‘toy’ based then ‘care’ based) on the market which are mostly aimed at older babies as they are heavy, can't be cleaned (properly) and not easy enough to hold. The material was chosen as it is totally non-toxic, extremely durable and strong, yet very soft and tactile/squashy, does not support growth of mould/bacteria and has no odour and could withstand temperatures of -40C to +200C meaning that is was suitable for sterilisation to ensure full cleanliness of the product if wished for (and no teethers in the market were suitable for this), dishwashing and also to be made cold in a fridge or freezer. With this, the material was easily mouldable and we could make almost any colour we wanted without loosing any of the important points of above. Also, the raw material is made of the most abundant element- sand. So we were not draining any natural resources, which was an important ethical point. Due to the above points, the teether is used for many practices- of course, to soothe gums for baby whilst teething and whilst having ‘chewing needs’ (from a few weeks old – as it was designed in a shape and to be light weight for even the smallest hands to hold-all the way through to toddler age as the bangles can be folded to reach even the very back molars of a toddler mouth!), but also to support oral skills (feeding/speech) by the BabyBangle training the oral muscles in a safe and clean way, fine motor skills by the grasping, moulding and twisting the BabyBangle into shapes. We also supply the special needs industry with the Bangles, for adults and children who for exmaple use the bangle to reduce stress or needs (by biting hard on it -it has proven to be stronger then some of the specifically industry made products -it or twisting, fiddeling with the bangle) as it is product that is easy to bring out/carry with that does not look like a medical instrument/baby toy for adults that use them.

What prompted you to develop it?

It sounds very cheesy, but becoming a mother kick-started the ideas and ways to improve, I was not fully satisfied with the range of products in this category when my first daughter (Chloe Melody, now 6) was born, especially with the design of the teething products being for older babies as they were to awkward and heavy to hold for her. This is when I realised it was time for a change.

Is it in production or use?

Yes! Very proudly so. The BabyBangle is already proven it self to be of massive support of parents & baby, the BabyBangle is stocked by main retail giants such as John Lewis, Mothercare, Jojo Maman bebe as well as at 3 different special needs product providers and internationall is marching its way through- we have recently launched with major retailers in Germany & The Netherlands and are close to signing a major contract for very large distribution to China (were we work with key partners to bring it up to the top 10 baby brands due to Izzy Melody’s ethics, craftman ship, quality and British manufacturing).

Who inspires you?

That is a tricky one for me to answer as there is not solely one person that I could say. I get inspired by many people around me, a lot of the massively well known female entrepreneurs such as Lara Morgan who is just incredible -to many of my fellow start ups, inventors and entrepreneurs who are incredibly passionate and such hard workers for something they truly believe in. You can't find better inspiration then to be surrounded by these people.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

I am thankful to already be a little on the way with my goals, I hope to support parents and their baby in a more natural way by providing them with a practical, truly supportive, yet beautiful high quality product. Also, I specifically choose to manufacture right here in Britain and hope to be a front runner of bringing back manufacturing in certain industries.

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Alissa Koopal



Date of Application

February 2015