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Returnable Packaging

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Rapitainer is an innovative, all plastic, collapsible, returnable and reusable pallet transit pack offering a very high degree of product protection. Our unique Rapitainer pallet pack and bespoke returnable transit packaging solutions can yield savings over corrugated packaging after just a few trips. We can demonstrate that over greater numbers of trips, our products deliver real and highly significant reductions in overall packaging costs.

What prompted you to develop it?

I believe that ever more burdensome Packaging waste Directives will drive an opportunity in returnable transit packaging - as more and more companies are being asked to adopt more sustainable forms of packaging Plastic pallet packs currently available are replicas of corrugated cap/sleeve/tray designs. The presence of the bottom tray means there is a water ingress problem and I have designed a pack with an innovative folding automatic floor as opposed to a tray - thereby eliminating the water ingress issue

Is it in production or use?

It is in production and early trials with a number of organizations

Who inspires you?

Sir James Dyson

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

I hope to build a business around this product and other similar products in due course and for that business to become a force in this industry

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May 2015