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Inovus Ltd

Manufacture of surgical simulators

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Inovus have revolutionised the way we train surgeons across the globe by democratising access to surgical training through their innovative product the Pyxus surgical simulator. The Pyxus is the world’s most affordable surgical training simulator and has vastly increased the access to high quality training for surgeons across the globe. The Pyxus has for the first time allowed continuity of surgical training from the workplace to the home resulting in a unique ‘hub and spoke’ training model that has not before been seen in surgical training.

What prompted you to develop it?

The range of simulators was developed by a medical student and psychology graduate who noticed a potentially dangerous gap in surgical training and it’s access following the introduction of European Work Time Directives into the NHS. With less time being spent in the workplace and with simulators at the time costing in excess of £2500, the pair realised the need for an affordable ‘take home’ simulator that could be purchased by the individual and used away from the confines of the workplace.

Is it in production or use?

Launched in 2012 there are now five simulators in the range catering for a array of budgets and training needs with a selection of training tasks also available. The simulators have a presence in over 20 NHS Trusts in the UK and have been sold to over 30 countries worldwide ranging from Bangladesh to Singapore. All their products are designed in conjunction with practicing clinicians and manufactured in their facility in St Helens.

Who inspires you?

The team are driven by improving patient care through improved access to high quality surgical training at an affordable price.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

Significant improvement in patient care

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January 2016