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Here comes innovation


Maxim Product Solutions Ltd

Design and supply of innovative Returnable Transit Packacking (RTP)

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Rapitainer is an innovative returnable, reusable, all plastic transit pack - offering cost reductions compared to single trip disposable corrugate. The lightweight yet very robust all plastic construction is totally weatherproof and offers further savings from reductions in product losses due to water and abuse damage

What prompted you to develop it?

 I perceived a gap in the market for a low cost alternative to wasteful one trip corrugate - along with a perception that ever more burdensome Packaging waste Directives would drive more and more customers to seek more sustainable packaging solutions.


Is it in production or use?

The product is being trialed by several customers and the business is very close to seeing first production orders.

Who inspires you?

Among others - Sir James Dyson

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

A successful manufacturing business based in Merseyside

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Date of Application

January 2016