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Open Messenger

Digital Out Of Home Platform

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Open Taxi Top Ltd is a new digital out of home company based Liverpool. Founded in 2014 by Mike Smith, the company has designed & developed a smart digital media platform for the taxi market. Our mission is simply “to change the DOOH industry by creating the UK’s smartest, movable outdoor product in the UK” Open Messenger allows brands to communicate to the consumer intelligently, which makes the experience more engaging and clever. Open Messenger can wireless stream media, live news, real time weather and emergency content direct to the consumers, at the right place and time all from the roof of a taxi. To back everything up we have created a fully transparent software platform that allows our clients to track their campaigns and see campaign goals and results.

What prompted you to develop it?

After researching the out of home market, we found there was a lot of advertising wastage.

We set about developing a platform that could intelligently engage the consumer in a more targeted way and give the advertiser a better return on investment. 

 We want to develop a platform that would target the consumers and make campaigns more engaging and intelligent and reduce wastage.

Is it in production or use?

Yes our product is now in production we have 40 screens in Liverpool, and currently working with national and local brands

Who inspires you?

Lately I’ve been inspired by Simon Sinek

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

To be the biggest advanced movable out of home company in the UK

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Date of Application

February 2016