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Reach and Rescue


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We manufacture the world’s longest telescopic rescue devise which accurately delivers rescue aids directly to the casualty saving valuable time on rescues, whilst also protecting the rescuer from hazards

What prompted you to develop it?

6 years ago a fire-fighter made us aware of a problem they have when rescuing people from water related incidents. We quickly realised we has a solution for this. We already had experience in telescopic systems and knew we could adapt our technology to give the rescuer a massive advantage to his rescues. So new technology applied and many trials later we became the longest, most versatile rescue system in the world.

Is it in production or use?

70% of the UK Fire and Rescue use our pole and may other emergency services teams across the UK. Over 22 countries around the globe have adopted the rescue poles. We are now branching out into other industries including maritime, construction, Ports and Harbours

Who inspires you?

We are inspired by innovative people who thrive on seeing ideas develop into a products. We get a great deal of satisfaction seeing our ideas transformed into equipment which makes a difference to people’s lives and work. From conception to application, we feel like we’re making a difference

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

We hope to raise and create new standards of rescuing across industries across the world and at the same time create and grow a successful business.



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Date of Application

June 2016