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We have developed a new piece of personal exercise equipment, named the WAVEX microgym. The product creates resistance by housing a long length of high strength bungee cord within a very small, lightweight, and portable platform. Users can carry out a wide variety of exercises, covering all the major muscle groups in the body by adjusting the products' settings and attaching up to 4 different handles or straps. The product has been designed so it can be used by people of virtually any fitness and strength levels. The inclusion of wireless sensors allow the user to sync the product with the smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch, so they can monitor and record workouts in real time and record progress over time.

What prompted you to develop it?

As product designers, we regularly have ideas for new products, but are usually too busy designing products for our clients to develop our own ideas. I have been interested in fitness training for many years, and was looking for a method of weight training at home, without the need to keep a range of weights, as I know from experience they are difficult to store so get put away in a cupboard or the garage and are very rarely used. As there wasn't anything I liked on the market, I decided to design something myself. Having a team of designers to assist is a great asset too.

Is it in production or use?

It is not currently for sale, we estimate product launch in summer 2017. We currently have several prototypes built that are on test and are in discussions with manufacturers for mass production.

Who inspires you?

Whilst I don't have one specific person in mind, I am inspired by people who have the drive and passion to follow through on an idea they believe in. People with the entrepreneurial spirit. In the world of design, I personally admire the work of Daniel Simon, a German concept designer who works in automotive and film design.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

We want to bring an innovative, multipurpose exercise device to the market, to make it easier for people to fit exercise around their busy lives without the need to visit a gym. As a business, this will help us to grow and employ more skilled designers.


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March 2017