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Mobile Healthcare Units

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EMS Healthcare provides mobile medical units to NHS trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) facing modern healthcare issues, including capacity pressures and vital refurbishments. This practical solution provides flexible temporary accommodation for clinical services, and gives Trusts and CCGs a better chance at meeting regulated waiting list targets during heightened demand. A further benefit to healthcare providers is the opportunity to support the NHS’s target for more out-of-hospital care by installing a medical unit within the heart of a community. Whilst this offers patients a clinical, safe and welcoming environment away from the hospital setting and within convenient community locations, it also takes them out of the hospital referral system, creating greater efficiencies for the trust or CCG. With a catalogue of DDA compliant medical trailers created for various clinical needs, EMS Healthcare now offers essential services nationwide in chemotherapy, ophthalmology, renal dialysis and endoscopy, increasing capacity by up to 50 patients per day for certain treatments.

What prompted you to develop it?

I’ve operated a roadshow solutions business since 2000, which has seen success through owning, designing and operating a fleet of roadshow trucks for immersive marketing campaigns. After running a number of roadshows with healthcare charities such as Macmillan Cancer Support, Breast Cancer Care and British Heart Foundation, I became increasingly aware of the major issues affecting the healthcare sector. One of these issues is that the traditional structure of the NHS was not developed to accommodate the level of demand we’re currently seeing, which has grown with the aging population.

Having been exposed to, and educated on these challenges through talking to healthcare professionals on our roadshows, I recognised the opportunity for our high-specification trucks to be reinvented as fully compliant medical units that can quickly and easily increase capacity.  

Is it in production or use?

Yes. So far, we have worked with 15 healthcare providers, including NHS Trusts, CCGs, charities and private clinics. In 2016 we were made a listed supplier on the NHS’s Mobile Diagnostics, Theatres, Treatment and Therapy Services Framework, allowing for a much simpler and faster deployment and installation within six-to-eight weeks of request.

Who inspires you?

The nurses, doctors and care givers that are doing all they can to sustain the health service during turbulent times. We often see reports on the news of the challenges the NHS is currently facing, but speaking to these individuals before and after a unit has been installed really illustrates to me the difference solutions like ours can make.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

As a business, we want to be the first port of call for trusts and CCGs facing increased demand and looking for a practical solution. We also want to grow the business by developing new units that can alleviate pressure in more clinical areas. However, the ultimate goal for us is to help sustain the NHS, doing what we can to aid in the delivery of services during heightened demand, and to support an integrated approach to healthcare.


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May 2017