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My product is HEAR EAR securing clip that helps to prevent the loss of hearing aids and cochlear processors. Too many elderly people lose their hearing aids whilst in hospital and care homes. HEAR EAR maybe worn visibly to enable easy location of the hearing aid and is a benefit to both patient and staff. It is worn discreetly by younger people who may lose their hearing equipment whilst participating in activities.

What prompted you to develop it?

My elderly mum lost 4 hearing aids – 2 in hospital and 2 in care homes. Hospital staff noticed her HEAR EAR when she was in hospital and they promoted me to develop it because too many hearing aids are lost by patients. It takes a great deal of time searching for the lost aid. Communication is very difficult when staff wish to deliver the care package if the patient is unable to hear efficiently and more so if they have dementia. My mum did not lose a hearing aid in over 3 years since wearing a HEAR EAR.

Is it in production or use?

HEAR EAR is NHS Approved as a Class 1 Medical Device and has been trialled in hospitals and care homes with a 100% success rate. Private individuals have purchased HEAR EAR from my website.

Who inspires you?

My inspiration has come from my mum who until she passed away in February maintained her well-being and was able to join in activities because she could communicate to the best of her ability.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

I hope for all NHS Trusts to adopt HEAR EAR for patients who have a hearing aid as it is a cost saving device that will save expenditure on replacement hearing aids which cost a minimum of £70 each plus fitting time. 


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March 2017