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Innovators Hub

A charity that has brought together a group of creative and digital companies from Liverpool to tackle the skills gap head-on.


Innovators Hub is a new charity that was created by Robyn Dooley. The charity is revolutionising the way young Liverpool professionals enter the digital sector, access training and progress their careers. In addition it is helping the city of Liverpool retain the best talent and encouraging a collaboration of digital businesses to work together for the benefit of the city. During the last few months Innovators Hub has managed to establish a collaboration of digital businesses and groups including Amaze, Mashbo, Angel Solutions, Kitsune, Mando, Village Software and Girl Geeks. In addition it has built a large following of students and young hopefuls wanting to get into the digital sector. In early 2017 Innovators Hub successfully launched various schemes and events. In particular it created an entirely new and novel free scheme called ‘Catalyst’. Held in the heart of Liverpool at various locations, Catalyst has been co-designed by the thought leaders within the collaboration of digital companies and groups. Throughout the free 10 week scheme, attendees are mentored, challenged, and given the freedom to explore their creativity whilst being surrounded by like-minded people. They collaborate and push their creativity to its limits through a series of interactive workshops, talks, social experiments, gatherings and a graduation. The scheme is open to anyone in the Liverpool area wishing to progress in the digital industry. However it specifically targets graduates, college leavers and junior staff in digital firms who want to get their foot in the door, to top-up on training or be exposed to the scope of opportunities in Liverpool. The scheme guides candidates to pursue a career that they love.

What prompted you to develop it?

There is a blossoming digital sector in Liverpool, with a wide variety of businesses, in particular many small businesses. Many candidates wanting to get into digital don’t know about all of the potential opportunities available, all of the companies that are involved in this space, all of the other people interested in digital and the variety of interests and forms of digital. Plus the digital companies and groups have needed a platform to help represent themselves as a vibrant community, especially as a group of SMEs.

That lack of knowledge about opportunities and missing platform likely leaves some candidates feeling that they have to go to a city like London or feel that they are not confident in approaching companies in Liverpool. The Catalyst scheme is effective at getting candidates working with a variety of companies, it shows off how eager companies are to recruit and engage, but also provides networking with other candidates.

Is it in production or use?

The first cohort of Catalyst students graduated in March 2017 within a beautiful setting, at Oh Me Oh My in Liverpool. Innovators Hub will run various schemes and events this year including further Catalyst cohorts.

Who inspires you?

Robyn Dooley has encouraged 10s of digital companies to collaborate and revealed opportunities for young Liverpool professionals. Robyn has been an inspiration to staff in the collaborating companies and students nominating her service for the Merseyside Innovation Awards.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

Innovators Hub exists to bridge the skills gap. The schemes provide skills and training to help people in the Liverpool region find work in the digital sector. Liverpool’s digital sector is in the infancy of blooming and Innovators Hub is helping digital companies and groups work together to ensure that they can access the best talent in our wonderful city.  


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April 2017