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KRTS International Ltd

Workplace trauma solutions


KRTS Power to Recover™ is a unique blended eHealth trauma programme consisting of online modules and specialist coaching support. It helps people who have experienced a traumatic event, such as a serious assault or accident, taking them from feeling overwhelmed, out of control and helpless, to being empowered, informed and active in their recovery.

What prompted you to develop it?

We had worked with lots of people who had been involved in workplace incidents, such as emergency services, security, retail, transport, banking etc.  We found that lots of individuals didn’t want to access standard support such as therapy, but there was nothing else available. So, sadly people were either living with uncomfortable and distressing symptoms believing they were permanently damaged, or even worse, they were taking their own lives rather than seeking help. We wanted to develop something that people could access from the comfort of their own homes and take control of their own recovery.


Is it in production or use?

Yes, we are already helping people through licensing our innovation to companies.

Who inspires you?

We have been very lucky to meet lots of inspirational individuals on our journey, many of whom are the people we help. They show amazing courage and tenacity, taking risks and responsibility to make their lives the best they can be.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

People who have used the programme have described it as “life changing” and we want that to continue and help as many people as possible.  We want to address the stigma of accessing support for mental health issues, and we want to educate, empower and give people hope.  We want to make a difference when it really counts.


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March 2017