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Liftupp comprises electronic assessment solutions to improve the experience and training of students. We have exam systems, work-place based assessment systems and a curriculum mapping tool. Two things make Liftupp truly innovative: 1) Our work based development app, Develop, which collects longitudinal feedback. Combined with sophisticated data analyses, staff can identify struggling students early, and where necessary, make defensible progress decisions; and 2) All our software integrates together and can be mapped to specified stakeholder outcomes, so you can track and compare the performance of students and the curriculum at the touch of a button. Liftupp was designed to be a community of practice, and we allow users to share best practice as part of a global community. We work with our users and researchers across the globe to iteratively improve our products, making sure we are at the forefront of educational research.

What prompted you to develop it?

Liftupp was born in 2009 within the Dental School of the University of Liverpool to improve the training of students, reduce unnecessary administration and save costs, improve the student experience, and have the best quality assured curriculum possible. At the heart was our desire to improve the training of the Dental Students, as if we could produce a better quality of Dentist, society would benefit.

Is it in production or use?

Liftupp is currently being used in twelve different Universities across six different degree programmes, and we are chatting to potential new users all the time.

Who inspires you?

At Liftupp, we always wanted to challenge the status quo. We did not want to make electronic versions of existing paper based processes. By using tablets and modern technology, we wanted to create new concepts and challenge old mind-sets. In this way, we are inspired by innovative companies such as Apple and Dyson.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

We started with a single ambitious aim: to improve the training of students. We have been successful in this with the schools we work with, and now we want to help more clinical schools, and indeed new disciplines both nationally and internationally.


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May 2017