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Pod Tech Ltd

Steel Container Fabrication


Our Flat Pack high security storage solution is designed to essentially 'beef up' your typical garden shed. Historically, it has been difficult to place steel container type structures into gardens at the rear of a property due to limited access. Hiring a crane ultimately increases the price beyond what is reasonable for a private person. If you not fortunate to have a garage and you wish to store high value items (such as a motorbike) or a culmination of various items that end up mounting to a significant value (typical garden equipment) then you have no choice but to rely on a typical wooden garden shed. At Pod Tech, we have created a steel container flat pack version of our containers designed to fit through a 3ft garden gate, or even through the house to be erected in situ. With a trend towards industrial style design in the home and garden, our units offer a modern look and canbe painted in a colour of your choice. As they bolt together from the indise, they are as secure as a shipping container.

What prompted you to develop it?

During a company re-structure and re-branding process, we looked again at our market. We identified 4 seperate markets to aim our products to. Industrial, Construction, Leisure and Domestic. Looking at the domestic market we realised the issue of difficult to access areas and high transport and crane costs. We initially had motorcyclists in mind but have since realised the market is much bigger as homeowners across the country our looking at storage options. If they pay for self storage, the costs can mount up and typically, one of our units can pay for itself within a year. 

Is it in production or use?

Yes - recently launched with a few orders completed.

Who inspires you?

Charles Darwin, Steve Jobs, basically anyone who is able to look at the world and have the confidence to change it.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

We would like to treat this product line as it's own entity with the view to expanding our production line. If we can increase sales, we can look at ways to improve production. Such as fabricating jigs for mass production and of course, employ more fabricators in order to meet demand. 


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Date of Application

January 2017