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Blinx Solutions Limited

Digital Supply Chain Management, Analytics and Visibility


Blinx is a transformational supply chain platform that unifies an organisation around the data that matters to their business, delivered with an intuitive and engaging suite of apps powered by gaming technology.

Our cloud-based platform offers a compelling, right-sized alternative to standard Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, like SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, and to Business Intelligence/Analytics solutions. Blinx pulls together an organisation’s data footprint, links it together using years of supply chain expertise and identifies & visualises the key, value-add insight for users from the Top Floor to the Shop Floor. With our years of supply chain expertise, we guide, influence and challenge our customers’ business processes, building a product that is exactly what their business requires. With this new, unified platform, users see links in their data that were never before visible, whilst using Blinx as the single point of entry for supply chain orders.

As we began designing Blinx, we knew the information would not be valuable unless all users actively engaged with the app, so the user experience needed to be unmatched. We built Blinx using a gaming technology, which gives the platform a unique and engaging user experience that previously has not been seen in the business world. Combining these two industries (Games & Business Enterprises) is Blinx’s true innovation.

What prompted you to develop it?

Blinx was formed after a very successful project within a global biopharmaceutical company, where we connected & visualised key supply chain information from a disparate SAP landscape to provide batch level traceability to drive velocity. By shining a light on this data, we saved £15M in 10 weeks at a single manufacturing site, at which point the software was rolled out globally. It was an innovative approach to connect and visualise the key information, because the trend towards Big Data meant other supply chain companies were just providing access to entire data estate with no focus or path to value.

From this success, we knew there was a market opportunity to unify and visualise key information from disparate systems to help businesses identify cost-savings opportunities across their supply chain. We also had been software customers for 15 years and knew that, even though everything in our personal lives was app-based, the business world was still consumed with grey screens and spreadsheets. Bringing gaming technology to the business world was a large opportunity for software companies.

We took this concept to market, focusing on large organisations with lots of disparate data that could be linked together. However, we soon pivoted when we recognised that an additional market gap was excluding a huge number of businesses in need of better IT support & solutions: Current ERP offerings are only focused on large organisations; Smaller, growing organisations face challenges scaling up. They are constrained by whiteboards, spreadsheets and manual processes, and traditional ERP offerings are not catering to them or their unique business environments.

With this, Blinx combined our supply chain expertise in identifying and linking together data, our ability to understand businesses to develop software that was right-sized and our gaming design principles with the ability to act as a transactional system, and the current incarnation of Blinx was born: Blinx provides a World Class, tailor-made solution, without the financial barrier that the bigger software vendors inadvertently apply.

Is it in production or use?

Blinx is currently in use with Stobart Energy, who use the platform to manage their end-to-end biomass energy business and unify their separate business teams onto a single tool. Development of new functionality for Stobart Energy and new customers is currently in progress. Additionally, the original concept is still in use at the biopharmaceutical company, where the platform has been awarded Game Changer of the Year at the 2016 Las Vegas IT Awards. Therefore, Blinx both has live installations that are actively transforming businesses and are innovating for the next set of business problems.

Who inspires you?

We’re constantly inspired by those who are never satisfied with the status quo – The people who ask, “Why?,” and then do something about it, working tirelessly to deliver a unique solution. If somebody is operating at the edge of their comfort zone, unsure of the path ahead but guided by a belief in their ability to make changes happen, they are an inspiring figure for us.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

Our aim is to disrupt the industry and free businesses from the deluge of poor IT vendors and “solutions.” We’ve been sold software for years and know how painful it is for companies. We set out to be different – we work with organisations up-front to understand if we can help them, and only then will we begin to propose a solution. That solution must be right-sized to the organisation – just what they need, and nothing they don’t. This is what organisations require to enable and accelerate their growth journeys.

When the story of Blinx is written, we want to be seen as a different kind of software. We developed an innovative solution that no other company had developed before, and we worked with customers in a way no other company had before, to help transform supply chain organisations from the North West to the world.

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