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Hivetalk is a contemporary, cost-effective intranet solution created by award-winning digital agency, Connect. Hivetalk provides organisations with an accessible digital workspace that enables employees to manage and distribute information, streamline internal processes and collaborate. In short, Hivetalk is an intranet solution that brings people together and helps organisations to get things done.

What prompted you to develop it?

Today’s intranets tend to be vast applications that encompass content, processes, people and skills. It can be difficult for organisations to develop an intranet without prior experience, which is why Hivetalk works for organisations of every size and budget.

With Hivetalk, organisations can be up and running in as little as four weeks - a timescale rarely seen for a product that offers bespoke benefits in an out-of-the-box package. Building an intranet no longer needs to be an all-consuming project that takes months to implement.

Some organisations also struggle with communication; with dispersed workforces and no standard way to connect, it’s easy to see how individuals and teams come to feel isolated.

With almost 20 years’ experience delivering intranets, we know that whilst every organisation is different, all intranets share universal benefits; benefits that come as standard with Hivetalk.

Hivetalk is designed to work the way our clients do, adapting to their processes and governance.

It took several months for Hivetalk to take shape, but because we took the time to get things right, we can get clients up and running quickly on a tailored intranet with minimal disruption.

Is it in production or use?

Hivetalk is available today to organisations across the globe.

Who inspires you?

At Connect, we inspire each other – our depth of knowledge is our greatest asset. The ever-evolving digital landscape means we're always sharing and discussing the latest developments. Passion fuels our team. We love what we do, and that passion drives the outstanding quality of our work. We also use our collective experience and expertise to nurture new talent. The best digital talent Merseyside has to offer achieve their full potential with us. The digital agencies around us also provide valuable inspiration. Our competitors push us to create solutions that deliver results for our clients. We consistently explore technical advancements in order to stay a step ahead, allowing us to improve on the work out there and develop new ways of thinking.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

In the long term, we are committed to delivering Hivetalk to as many organisations on Merseyside, and beyond, as possible. We envisage a connected economy where professionals are supported by

an intuitive, integrated system. A digitally enabled culture will allow for efficient and secure communication in the workplace.

The success of Hivetalk, as a formidable out-of-the-box intranet solution with unparalleled lead time, would reflect the hard work of our staff; the value of research and development for the purpose of generating fresh, exciting ideas and bring further acclaim and recognition to the region. Hivetalk would also bring considerable economic benefits to the area with its ongoing success.


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April 2018