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Digital kiosks, Charging stations


Fonebox is a sleek, interactive, and secure mobile phone charging kiosk, that provides a much needed solution for phone charging when out of home. The interactive touch screen gives brands the opportunity to engage with audiences in a customer friendly way.

What prompted you to develop it?

When out with friends our phone batteries were always dying and we had no way of charging them, so I decided to put an end to this issue and make a charging station that supports both venues and their customers.

Is it in production or use?

After our trials and changes made to the original Fonebox, we are pleased to say, is now in full production and has been sent all over the world.

Who inspires you?

The inspiration came from keeping people connected while on the go. Having a teenage daughter kept me going to produce a product that she could use when out during the day or night. It is a service I believe is needed, as phones are part of our lives now, which everyone uses to keep in contact with.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

We hope to achieve in keeping the UK and world connected. We can help people while on the move and always keep them online. Provide a better experience and take a way the “nomophobia” scare when phones hit the red. Along side this we can create a connected platform of advertising screens that brands can use for there benefit in targeting audiences in an interactive way.

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Date of Application

February 2018