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Road Mole Ltd

Circular Permanent Repairs of Potholes

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The patent pending Road Mole System is a revolutional fast response, all-in-one rig for permanent circular repairs of potholes and ironworks. Road Mole circular repairs have a proven longevity of over 5 years. The system cuts and completely removes the damaged area between 300mm and 1300mm diameter in 1 minute. A circular, permanent repair is completed within 10 minutes. Road Mole has achieved the elimination of HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome) which is a health and safety problem for operatives using breakers and cutting equipment on a traditional pothole repair method.

What prompted you to develop it?

Initially the development of Road Mole was prompted by the pothole problem on British roads.   On researching the pothole repair methods used in the UK it became apparent that the traditional repair shape for potholes, trenches and road joints is one of the main causes of potholes due to uneven density of the road surface. During our testing and trials the circular shape was obviously stronger than the traditional repair. This is also confirmed in the Government Atkins report Adept 2010 section 3.18 which states "The ideal shape for a pothole repair is a circle".
This prompted us to invest heavily in  designing and developing the Road Mole System  to solve the pothole crisis worldwide. The Road Mole System can bring 100's of jobs to Merseyside in manufacturing and usage of the machines for the UK and international roads. 

Is it in production or use?

Whilst the system is patent pending, Road Mole has completed circular repairs on the Wirral through major companies in docklands, 'A' roads and country roads.

Who inspires you?

Mr Edwin Evans our Granddad, a retired design engineer partner of R.W Gregory and Partners, Liverpool, who received the Freedom of the City of London for his contribution to Engineering.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

We hope to save the country billions of pounds in road maintenance, material costs and insurance claims from damaged vehicles to injuries and sometimes even death.
Road Mole will bring employment to Merseyside making it the world leader in permanent circular pothole repairs.  This is achievable as no other pothole repair machine can compare with the permanent circular Road Mole system.
Our aim is to roll out the Road Mole System across the country and worldwide.


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Date of Application

February 2018