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New duvet design


A new duvet design aimed at making a lot of people's lives easier with some innovative features. A duvet that is in two equal parts, joined together by an invisible zip. A duvet that can have different tog ratings within the one duvet., i.e., you can have a different tog on your side of the duvet to that of your partner. Find it hard work to put on a duvet cover? Not anymore. Poppi has a built-in duvet cover that can come in a range of colours and fabrics with prints or embellishments. Cold feet? Poppi can let the sleeper add extra tog in the foot area. Poppi will be machine washable at 60 degrees killing dust mites.

What prompted you to develop it?

I was totally fed up that I couldn't get the duvet to fit and wash properly in my own washing machine and thought, If I could get this in smaller pieces then I can wash it properly.  Eureka! I had visions of ripping it into pieces like a piece of paper and thought, that's it, it needs to be smaller.  That's basically when the idea was first born.  The idea has evolved since 2001 to what it is today.  I knew that if I could have the duvet in two manageable pieces, I definitely had to do something with the duvet cover.  It was a case of looking at it from a customer's point of view.  What would people want that they don't have at the moment?

Is it in production or use?

My product is not in production at the moment. I spoke to a manufacturer in Manchester called Trendsetter, aka The Fine Bedding Company, in December 2017 who said they wouldn't have a problem whatsoever in producing Poppi. Whilst I had them on the phone, I asked for an appointment to discuss production with them and I was scheduled to see them just before Christmas 2017 but they cancelled the appointment the evening before. I've been emailing them since but they haven't replied. Both myself and my mum have a sample Poppi on our beds at home. Many people have asked me "where can I buy a Poppi", which is nice.

Who inspires you?

Anita Roddick and Sir Richard Branson

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

I know this innovation can achieve huge commercial success.

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April 2018