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The Microgym is a portable fitness system, which has been specifically developed to provide a full body workout outside of the gym. Utilising a lower weight, higher reps approach, The Microgym focuses on 3 key areas;

Who is it for?

The Microgym has been developed with two types of people in mind;

Because the Microgym is very light in weight, it is very portable and easy to store. It also reduces the risks of strains and injuries that can be associated with lifting heavier weights.
The Microgym has been designed with that in mind - making fitness accessible. After all, the most effective exercise system is one you will actually use!

What prompted you to develop it?

The original idea came from a desire for a piece of fitness equipment with very specific features. I couldn't find what I wanted, so set about designing the kind of equipment I wanted to use. Something that was lightweight, portable, and very flexible in how it could be used. The whole design team at 4D Products got involved with the project. We went through several design iterations over 18 months to perfect the system.

Is it in production or use?

The product is going to be launched via crowdfunding at the end of April 2019. We have been building momentum towards the launch using social media marketing. We are in discussions with fitness product distributors in the UK, USA, and Israel, who have contacted us after seeing our promotional material, and want to partner up with us.

Who inspires you?

I wouldn't say one particular person, but I admire people who do things, they don't just talk about doing things. People with an adventurous spirit.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

We want to make fitness more accessible to people who don't go to the gym. We also want to build a successful product based business in the Merseyside Region to skilled provide jobs and prosperity. 

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April 2019