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In high value manufacturing sectors, such as Aerospace or Automotive there is a need to continually improve product innovation, through creating parts that are more aerodynamic, stronger, more light-weight, all while adhering to strict safety regulations. Additive Manufacturing is enhancing this opportunity, by enabling manufacturers to produce parts using better, more expensive materials while minimising the waste. However, there remains a gap in these manufacturers being able to easily prove that adopting these new methods are compliant with the stringent safety regulations in place. Our DNAam platform enables simple and intuitive conformity with these strict regulations, creating better opportunity for adoption of additive manufacturing, and ultimately better, faster, safer air and space travel in the future.

What prompted you to develop it?

Additive Manufacturing emerged as a new technology which brings tremendous potential to improving productivity of Industry, yet there remained barriers to entry for companies to adopt these technologies all through the supply chain; in terms of high-costs of materials, standardising compliance with regulations, and enabling live reporting. With our existing software suite at Valuechain, and our experience in Aerospace and Automotive industries, we knew we could help the industry move forward by developing a product that overcomes those barriers to entry, and enable greater adoption and development in the manufacturing community.

Is it in production or use?

As an new area of technology, we were keen to work with Industry to help develop it, and ensure it meets the needs that companies are facing. Working with Airbus UK and Zenith Technica in New Zealand, we’ve developed DNAam to work for both large OEMs and SMEs. Now we’ve got a further 5 companies using the system globally, with more beginning to use it each month.

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April 2019