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DriverNet is a mobile workforce management system that improves safety, service, security and speed of mobile operations and workforce logistics. It is comprised of a web based management portal for depot teams, and connects them to a driver mobile app to coordinate operatives in the field together in real time. 

What prompted you to develop it?

After a 16 year career working in logistics and IT, deploying drivers all around Europe, our founder decided to devise a new system that provides more services for a low cost for every different type of driver or mobile operative, by developing the app on android. It tends to be the case that only large enterprise fleet operators can afford expensive fleet management solutions that have limited services. DriverNet has been designed to be able to be affordable to every different type of fleet operator, and provide them with a strong ROI in times of budget cuts and pressures. 

Is it in production or use?

DriverNet is now in use with St Helens council on their adult social minibuses and now looking expand into the wider council fleets in St Helens and across Merseyside and local authorities around the UK. DriverNet is also a partner of O2, who have agreed a reseller partnership so they are able to cross sell DriverNet to their SME and corporate customers.

Who inspires you?

Working with council adult social care transport teams, staff and clients has been a very grounding experience. Having worked for BP, Starbucks and M&S on deliveries, to see the care, attention and levels of professionalism required for transporting society’s most vulnerable group of people was inspiring, especially given the dynamic nature of the operation, with lots of last minute changes, and no real technology solutions aside from a Nokia, not one person in three months were failed to picked up on schedule. Team work in the true sense of the words.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

To make DriverNet into a commodity so that every fleet operator and driver can use the product to connect them to people, passengers or places and create a new Whats app for logistics type app, that provides everyone driver antheir partner with the Uber experience.

From a personal perspective, with the app improving the delivery of social care, we want to make the transportation of society’s most vulnerable group of people as safe, sustainable and convenient as possible for the riders and their families and guardians. 

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February 2019