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My Precious World is a media and tech company that provides online event planning tools and marketplace for couples and families looking to plan any event, start a family, create a home or find travel inspirations. Through our event planning tools platform, users will be able to use our budget calculator to manage their event budget, create a to-do list mapped to their event, manage their guest list, find and connect with event suppliers listed on our directory. 

Also, our events marketplace platform is an eCommerce platform that allows anyone to list their items, products or services focused on events and weddings. In short, think of it like the Etsy of the events and wedding marketplace.

What prompted you to develop it?

Planning a family event, getting married or starting a family has grown into a $300 billion dollar industry worldwide. But unlike other industries that cater primarily to all, the wedding industry doesn't seem to be marketing itself towards multicultural ethnic couples and families. Despite the fact that multicultural ethnic couple’s consumer preferences and brand affinities are reflected in marketing across most major  industries most especially in the US and UK, including food, fashion, and beauty, Multicultural couples are practically non-existent on mainstream bridal magazines and websites.

Currently multicultural ethnic couples find it difficult to search for inspirational ideas or recommended wedding vendors that provide services that relates to their cultural heritage such as the inability of a Caribbean or Latino couple to easily find a dancehall or reggaeton wedding DJ to entertain their wedding guests, or finding a traditional dress stylist for an African wedding attire proves difficult. In short, there's no resources out there to find any service providers for traditional ethnic weddings prior to the white wedding on any major platform in the world.

Also, a professional wedding planner can cost anywhere in the region of $1,500 to hire. A full-service wedding planner can cost between $5,000 and $10,000. Because of this, people are increasingly turning to online tools and apps to plan their own weddings. And the great news for My Precious World is that there is still lots of room in this still underdeveloped marketplace.

My Precious World fills this void by creating a diverse inclusive platform to connect couples and families directly to the right vendors for their dream weddings, events, travel, lifestyle and family needs.

Is it in production or use?

We soft launched a niche called My Afro Caribbean Wedding Planning Tools in 2018 to validate the market for a need to provide services for multicultural ethnic couples. Since launching, our validation was proven a success with us now being one of the fastest growing wedding platforms as well as gaining a lot of traction from the US target audience.

Who inspires you?

Families' love for one another to us is everything, they inspire us as it's where true Love begins and never ends. For our families, we will FALL, for them we will RISE, for them we'll do ANYTHING. They are our Precious World.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

Creating a diverse, inclusive events and wedding planning tools marketplace for all couples and families.

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April 2019