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The Martin Lewis of Health Apps!

93% of healthcare professionals believe that health apps can help but aren’t armed with trusted guidance. ORCHA has evaluated more than 4,500 apps covering 280 conditions and is the trusted source for health app advice. It works with more than 20 NHS Providers and CCGs to develop health app libraries and activation services which integrate with local systems and strategies. ORCHA are appointed by NHS Digital to conduct evaluations for the central NHS library   

What prompted you to develop it?

ORCHA was founded in 2015, determined to present a way to support the public and professionals to confidently find and recommend apps that could genuinely improve public, patient and organisational outcomes along with offering the much needed guidance to app developers to help raise app quality across the market place.

Health and care apps present exciting opportunities for both users and the Healthcare sector at large.  As of 2015, it was estimated that 71% of our population owned a smartphone, 75% use smartphones or tablets to search for health information online, and over 90% would use mobile-health services to engage with healthcare professionals.  Apps exist and are in development for a wide array of users, if you can think of an ailment, or any aspect of your health and wellbeing which you wish to improve upon, you can be certain that there is already an app for it, there may be ten, one hundred or even upwards of a thousand; what is uncertain however, is whether such apps will work. For the first time, we at ORCHA have developed an online database of health and care apps, which have been independently reviewed using a clinically and academically assessed framework.  Information about apps is presented in an intuitive and comparable way through our platform.  The ORCHA platform has been designed to consist of multiple ‘white labelled’ variants, which are all driven by a common repository of review information and associated data. Through this approach we create solutions targeted for particular geographies, conditions or cohorts, enabling key ORCHA components to be seamlessly integrated into existing public and professional facing solutions. Furthermore, ORCHA PRO is now deployed across a growing number of primary care clinicians who are able to use our platform to prescribe apps to their patients, as well as review performance data.

Is it in production or use?

ORCHA are currently working with over 20% of the NHS in England, over 400 educational institutions and also work across Holland, Southern Ireland, Northern Ireland and Estonia.

Who inspires you?

Small innovative companies with a passion to improve the health of our populations!

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

The key benefit is to individual patients and citizens in supporting them to find solutions they can trust to improve their health and wellbeing and in also supporting clinical professional groups across health and care providers who wish to recommend, prescribe and clinically implement apps.


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liz Ashall-Payne



Date of Application

March 2019