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Provider of IoT Solutions to the Waste Industry


PIN IoT has developed a unique tracking solution for waste container fleets, leveraging new wireless technology to transform the waste industry supply chain.

The solution works via tracking devices that attach to containers, proprietary software that takes raw data from the devices and processes it into insight via maps, charts, dashboards and alerts. The platform shows the real time location of every container, captures every single movement, identifies which containers are available for use across the network, and immediately alerts when containers are lost or stolen.

It delivers a comprehensive, low cost answer to a long-standing industry problem and enables a very strong return on investment and fast payback.

What prompted you to develop it?

As experts in the field of wireless asset tracking, we have been aware of the problems encountered by the waste industry for some time. Container fleets are critically important, responsible for the large majority of revenue generation, yet are under a very poor degree of control due to the lack of a viable tracking technology.

Only now, via the deployment of new low power wireless networks, is it possible to solve this problem in a commercially viable way. We have been waiting for the new technology to be ready, and created PIN IoT to take advantage of it. Obviously timing is important. What we are doing could not have been done before now and we are first to market.

Is it in production or use?

Our solution is live and operational, tracking large bulk containers for Biffa who are the UK’s no 1 waste management business. We have received an excellent response overall from the industry and are in discussions with a number of other providers.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

Our intent is to deploy our technology and expertise to transform waste industry supply chains on a global scale, creating £billions of value for our customers and contributing to the global sustainability challenge.


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April 2019