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How to Enter

How to enter

Check first that you or your company are based in the area that the Merseyside Innovation Awards cover

Competitors complete a straightforward online application form, which the sponsor group uses to evaluate the application. In many cases, sponsors will contact the applicant to get a better understanding of the business and its innovation.

The application form asks for some basic information about you/your company and the nature of the innovation. You can attach additional information like photos and illustrations that might help us to understand it better but we can’t guarantee to return them. There’s no need for in-depth financial information at this stage. All information remains confidential to the Sponsors at this stage.

In completing your application you should give consideration to our scoring criteria below to ensure your innovation is presented in the most favourable way:

The Scoring Criteria

We use a scoring system based on the following:

Once the application is received you will be offered the opportunity to publicise your company by completing some additional general questions that will then appear on the competitor section of the website. Your company logo and contact details will then be on public view. Your original information remains confidential – no details from that will be publicised.

Our website does attract quite a lot of attention from both the public and potential investors – so it is a good idea to be visible!

The Selection Process for Monthly Winners

The sponsors meet on a monthly basis to evaluate, score and select a monthly winner. The monthly winner receives a licence to use the awards for marketing purposes, a Merseyside Innovation Awards certificate and a bottle of champagne. There is often local PR generated.

The Selection of the Finalists

In May each year, the sponsors select a shortlist of potential finalists from all the applicants. The finalists are visited by two members of the sponsor group. The sponsors then select three finalists, who are invited to present their product or idea at the annual final to a panel of judges and an audience of funding organisations and local members of the business community 

The Final

The final will be held in early July and is a high profile event usually held at the Crowne Plaza in Liverpool.

Each of the three finalists for the category of turnover below £1m, give an in-depth explanation of their innovation to the three external judges who are appointed from across the commercial spectrum. Previous members of our panel have included Trevor Baylis, Evan Davis and Steve Morgan. 

The invited guests arrive, partake of a little champagne and spend time chatting to the finalists and getting to know the nature of the applications. There are often business leaders and investors present – all of whom are interested in innovation and how it might be applied.

The finalists then give a short presentation to the judges and the audience, followed by a few questions from the judges. The judges then leave to confer and determine who will be the winner.

After a little more refreshment, the winner is declared. The judges’ decision is both independent and final. The audience also has the option to vote for whom they think should be the winner and it’s often quite a tense moment!

The winner of the category for business with turnover in excess of £1m will already have been selected and they will be invited to give a short presentation of their innovation prior to receiving their award. 

The £10,000 cheque is awarded to the winner of the business with turnover below £1m, £2,500 cash prize for runners-up, the photo shoot and celebrations will then begin!



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MIA Catchment Area

Our area covers the boroughs of Liverpool, Knowsley, St Helens, Halton, Sefton and Wirral. So if you’re and individual or a business is based in this area we’d love to hear about your innovation!