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EMS Healthcare win Prestige Award

11 Jul 2017

EMS Healthcare recognised with Prestige Award at Merseyside Innovation Award’s 

The Merseyside Innovation Award (MIA) concluded last night (11th July) and saw mobile healthcare provider, EMS Healthcare, awarded with the Prestige Prize by Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor, Steve Rotheram. 

Providing and operating a fleet of mobile healthcare trailers across Merseyside, EMS Healthcare deliver vital, bespoke facilities to a variety of sectors within the medical industry. 

Dedicated to recognising the work of larger businesses in the region, companies with a turnover of between £1m and £25m are eligible for the Prestige Prize. 

On receiving the award, EMS Healthcare CFO David Legg said: “The NHS is facing many challenges. We are all acutely aware of sweeping budget cuts, but there are also capacity pressures, the aging population, an increased number of cancer sufferers and people with ophthalmic conditions. 

“NHS trusts Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) need to deliver a more effective service to these patients and EMS Healthcare is helping to do this. We offer essential services nationwide in chemotherapy, ophthalmology, renal dialysis and endoscopy, increasing capacity by up to 50 patients per day for certain treatments."  

Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor, Steve Rotheram, said: “The creative and entrepreneurial spirit contributing to the life and prosperity of our City Region reinforces my belief that talent exists in every one of our communities. We can reimagine, reposition and remake the Liverpool City Region together.” 

Brian McCann, Merseyside Innovation Awards founder and partner of Mitchell Charlesworth Chartered Accountants, continued: “EMS Healthcare are a worthy winner of the Prestige Prize and provide a vital service to healthcare professionals across the region.”

EMS Healthcare

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