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Liverpool supercar manufacturer picking up pace after MIA triumph

11 Jul 2014

Speke-based supercar manufacturer Briggs Automotive Company has moved up a gear since driving away with last year’s Merseyside Innovation Award, growing its team as well as its order book. 

BAC is now a major global luxury brand thanks to its cutting-edge Mono, the single-seater, road legal supercar that is turning heads as far afield as the USA and Dubai.

The MIA win and its prize of £10,000 has helped BAC to fund five university student placements at the business, adding to its growing team of specialists with young technical talent.

One of the students, Rob Bergers is working as part of the engineering team at BAC, gaining valuable experience within the highly-skilled group.

“I am thrilled to be part of such a pioneering business and I am grateful for the opportunity to develop my skills with a world leader,” he said. “At BAC I am building on the academic elements of my degree with the practical, real-world experience at the cutting edge of engineering design and technology. The Merseyside Innovation Awards made this possible.”

Neill Briggs, Founding Director of BAC, said: “We are a Merseyside business, driven by passion and innovation. Thanks to our success at the Merseyside Innovation Awards, we have been able to invest in top, young talent, which will develop skills within Merseyside and add to a growing pool of expertise in this region.”

The BAC team has tripled in size since its Merseyside Innovation Award win, with the firm now employing over 20 people.

“This region is a hub of talent and potential and it is important to BAC to grow that talent in line with our business so we can continue to deliver ground-breaking innovation and a superior product,” said Neill. 

BAC’s Mono is a lightweight, road legal supercar designed and manufactured using the latest racing technology. With blistering performance, it sets a new benchmark in what road legal cars can do.

Over the past year, BAC has co-developed lightweight carbon-ceramic brakes for Mono and is continuing to focus on innovation, with a number of radical projects in development, enhancing both performance and the bespoke features of the car. 

Since setting up in South Liverpool, BAC’s productivity has increased in line with the firm’s global client base and is now exporting cars to all corners of the world, helping to fly the flag for Merseyside’s credentials as a centre of innovation. 

Neill said: “Six months on, we are still delighted to have been crowned Merseyside Innovation Award winners. The prize represents a significant amount of investment and the prestige that comes with it is enormously beneficial. I wish all the businesses well in this year’s competition.

“If I could offer them one piece of advice it would be to have a clear goal in mind with regard to the future development of their business and to work every day towards it.”