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Marlan Maritime Wins!

12 Jul 2017

Maritime Monitoring Company Wins Merseyside Innovation Award 

Yesterday evening, Liverpool-based Marlan Maritime were awarded the highly contested and prestigious Merseyside Innovation Award (MIA). 

Awarded this year’s MIA for its innovative radar monitoring of tidal patterns, Marlan Maritime Technologies Limited provides engineers, conservationists and councils with up-to-date information about the changing patterns of shorelines. 

Presented by the Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor, Steve Rotheram, the award was the highly anticipated culmination of 2017’s MIA. 

Of being awarded the 2017 MIA and £10,000 cash prize, Alex Sinclair, Managing Director at Marlan Maritime, said: “I’m blown away to have won this award. As a new company, the prize fund will be invested in obtaining expert advice from industry leaders as we feel that before we can exploit international markets, we must first use the knowledge that is right here in Liverpool. 

“Liverpool’s history is firmly rooted in maritime trade and we want the next industrial revolution to span from the city. The growth that has taken place in the city, even in the past few years, is exponential and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Marlan Maritime and Merseyside.” 

Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor, Steve Rotheram, said: “The creative and entrepreneurial spirit contributing to the life and prosperity of our City Region reinforces my belief that talent exists in every one of our communities. We can reimagine, reposition and remake the Liverpool City Region together.”

Brian McCann, Merseyside Innovation Awards founder and partner of Mitchell Charlesworth Chartered Accountants, continued: “Congratulations to Marlan Maritime. The potential for this technology is boundless and will have real impact on the shipping and conservation industries, helping protect and safeguard natural shorelines for the future.” 

The dynamic and innovative projects and companies displayed at the MIA’s showcased the high calibre of innovation emerging from Merseyside right now and this year’s MIA saw record numbers of applications submitted and was the most successful yet, with over 40 companies applying for the prize. 

Last night’s competing finalists included Gas Tag, a company which monitors gas work on properties and vTime, the world’s first sociable virtual reality platform making for a diverse final to the MIA’s 2017.

Also presented at last night’s ceremony was the Prestige prize, which was awarded to mobile healthcare providers, EMS Healthcare. 

Receiving the award, EMS Healthcare CFO David Legg said: “We are all acutely aware of sweeping budget cuts within the NHS, but there are also capacity pressures and issues such as the aging population. NHS trusts Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) need to deliver a more effective service to these patients and EMS Healthcare is helping to do this."

Marlan Maritime