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Road Mole seals victory with first Merseyside Innovation Award for 2018

06 Apr 2018

Revolutionary pothole repair system, Road Mole, renowned for it’s fast and cost-effective circular reconstructive technology, has claimed the very first monthly prize in 2018’s Merseyside Innovation Awards (MIA). 

Designed and developed in Wirral by brothers Doug and Craig Jackson, Road Mole utilizes patent-pending expertise to repair potholes and ironworks on highways with limited disruption to traffic. 

Road Mole’s system precision drill cuts to a required depth removing the damaged area of up to 1.3m diameter in 1 minute. The permanent repair is then completed in approximately 10 minutes. 

In comparison to current repair methods, the Road Mole Circular Repair System is guaranteed to last as long as the surrounding road surface, with a proven longevity of 6+ years. It utilises 20% less asphalt, has lower fuel emissions and can run on Bio-Diesel. It also produces minimal levels of noise and dust when in use, making it environmentally friendly.  

The system also eliminates Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) for operatives, which is often a major health and safety issue for personnel using this type of machinery. 

Discussing being the first 2018 winner of the MIAsManaging DirectorDoug Jackson said: “To recognised by the Merseyside Innovation Awards as the first monthly winner of 2018 not only validates our belief in Road Mole’s capabilities and future, but it gives potential customers that extra substantiation of our skills and experience. 

“We are committed to solving the global pothole crisis and have already recorded great success with repairs in and around Liverpool. With all the projects we’re currently working on, we’re excited for the forthcoming year and beyond.” 

Brian McCann, Merseyside Innovation Awards founder and partner of Mitchell Charlesworth Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors, continued: Road Mole offers real-world benefits to the life of people in Merseyside and will actively improve local infrastructure.  

“Adaptable and cost-effective, the potential for this technology is limitless and is so inspired in its design, when presented to the MIA panel we simply could not do anything other than select Road Mole as the monthly winner!” 

MIA is driven by a group of locally-based sponsor organisations made up of, Mitchell Charlesworth, Unilever, Dewinter, Liverpool City Region LEP, Natwest, Insider Media, The University of Liverpool, Village Software, WP Thompson, O’Connors LLP, RTC North and BBC Radio Merseyside.