MIA 2015

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The Finalists for 2015 have been selected!

22 Jun 2015


The shortlisted entries are chemistry technology start-up Liverpool Chirochem, canine medical implant manufacturer Fusion Implants and forensic product maker Fumecare.

Liverpool Chirochem was founded in 2014 by Professor Jianliang Xiao at the University of Liverpool's Department of Chemistry in conjunction with his former PHD students Dr Jianjun Wu and Dr Paul Colborn. The business supplies specialist building blocks for pharmaceutical research and biotechnology and draws upon synthetic methods in asymmetric catalysis, first developed and patented by the university.

Meanwhile, Fusion Implants is also a University of Liverpool spin-out that has created a metal 3D-printed implant to surgically remedy canine cruciate ligament injuries. The company, which has received funding support from the North West Fund for Venture Capital, believes the process can be applied more widely to veterinary surgery and is exploring other common problems that could benefit from this process.

Finally, Fumecare has designed several products for use by forensic experts when investigating crimes. It has developed an evidence-drying cabinet that it claims has more flexibility than existing products on the market while still being economically priced.

Brian McCann, partner at MC Vanguard Corporate Finance and chairman of the judges, said: "We looked at six of this year's entries as potential finalists and then had a difficult task to reduce six to three. In truth, any of the six could have made strong candidates for the final in 2015."

The MIA judging panel selects a winning submission every month. The monthly winners were then whittled down to three finalists before one is crowned the overall winner for the year.