MIA 2015

Here comes innovation


Merseyside Innovation Awards 2019 Sponsors


Village Software are a dedicated software team who create innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes, using technology to save companies time and money.

Our expertise in Business Intelligence means we can help you to interpret and use the data within your business, enabling you to manage and report more effectively. Solutions range from complex factory production calculations for large organisations, to small businesses where number crunching in Excel can be made less onerous!

We also specialise in linking systems together. Creating an interface between your back-end system, (such as Sage or SAP) and business-specific applications, will streamline your internal processes and free up valuable time.

Our business-to-business web solutions range from interactive CMS driven sites, to web interfaces for in-house systems.

We write pioneering smart card solutions for use in all kinds of kiosks, making use of payment cards, contactless technology, and ITSO (for storing credit and vouchers). This exciting new technology can replace old paper systems or add value to an existing system.

We’ve been around a long time – since 1986 in fact – and still love technology for what it can deliver! We’d love to help you get more out of your business.